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Thank you for visiting our website; I hope I will have the opportunity to welcome you to the school in person one day. When you come, you will find a happy, lively, vibrant school in which everyone is valued and life-long learning is developed. 

We know that one of the most important decisions that a parent makes on behalf of their child is the decision about which school to send them to. There are few things, which are likely to have more impact on a young person's future than the quality of the school they attend. So we work hard to ensure that everyone who sends their child to InSPE is happy with that choice. It is our belief that every child deserves the very best start in life and we make it our purpose to provide just that to all the children who enter our doors.

Each child is unique, and a well-rounded education must take into account their wider experiences, personal motivation and innate learning styles. We aim to equip our children, not only with an excellent academic grounding, but also with qualities of character to see them through their lives beyond school. Our school ethos, based on consideration, courtesy and respect for others equips our students to have the confidence and ability to enjoy a fruitful and successful life.

We want your child to make progress and achieve the very best they can; but most of all we want the children at the InSPE to be happy and enjoy their life with us.

We believe in treating every child as an individual and providing a supportive, challenging environment that develops the whole child, resulting in confident, aspirational and independent young people. Our exceptionally high ratio of adults to children allows this ideal to be a reality.

We are really proud of our values, our inclusive nature and our caring and creative pupils. Together we are building a school with heart – where your child will be valued for who they are, and where we will strive to enable them to be the very best that they can be.

I hope that after looking at the website you will come and visit us.

I look forward to meeting you.

Susan Eriksson

Head of School

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