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Welcome to a new school year!

On Tuesday, September 1st 2015, InSPE returned to school, after a most deserved holiday!

The school was brimming over with laughter, and their was a soundtrack of chuckles and (proud) sighs. It was a time for hellos and welcome back and catching up. 

InSPE Summer School is open: “Journeys around the world”

This year, the Theme of the InSPE Summer School is one that sets imagination alight, both that of children and of their parents: “Journeys around the world”. The latter can be sure that their little ones will experience adventure, enjoyment, and will learn many new things about various cultures, having a lot of fun in the process! 

InSPE, the Theatre of Dreams

The end of the school year at InSPE was celebrated by our pupils with two plays that represented the perfect finale to a great season! Children in Primary 3-7 delighted us with their performance of a classical story: “Robin and the Sherwood hoodies”.

Sarbatoarea sfarsitului de an

Sfârşitul anului şcolar trebuie celebrat aşa cum se cuvine - iar la InSPE, fiecare moment petrecut împreună cu elevii noştri este o sărbătoare. Aşa că punctul culminant al încă unui an pe care l-am trăit cu copiii, şi în care am experimentat emoţii, am învăţat lucruri noi şi am devenit oameni mai buni, nu putea fi altfel decât festiv.

The End of Year Celebration

One must properly celebrate the end of the school year. At InSPE, every moment we share with our pupils is, indeed, a celebration. So the pinnacle of another year we lived in the company of children, experiencing emotions, learning new and wonderful things and becoming better people together, could only be a festive occasion.

The Joy Hunters

Easter is one of the favourite times of the year for children - at InSPE, it has always been properly honoured and celebrated. You’ve probably heard about Easter Egg Hunt before - if not, you will hear all about it now. Such a memorable adventure lives long in the memory!

Anniversary party

Anniversary party

The best moments in life require a special soundtrack. In recognition of that truth, the International School for Primary Education recently celebrated two decades of existence and excellence in education, by throwing one memorable party. There was singing, dancing and a great atmosphere all around, to mark such a milestone in proper fashion.

20 years of InSPE

The first week of school

They say that “To sustain longevity, you have to evolve.”, and what better example than InSPE. In 2014, The International School for Primary Education is celebrating two decades of existence, in which it has constantly evolved, permanently changing in the process the educational landscape of Romania.

The beginnings of InSPE can be traced to 1994, when a non-profit organisation was set up by a group of parents, aiming to to provide quality education in English for children of the expatriate community in Bucharest. They called it the International Nursery School, and the subsequent, instant success meant it would soon require new premises. The following year, the school moved to the ‘French Village’, enjoying a perfect decade and a growing status among the elite educational institutions in Bucharest. By 2004, the number of children on the waiting list and parental requests to provide education up to the age of 11, signalled a new chapter in the history of the establishment: relocation in a purpose built school and rebranding. On September 1st 2009, the school changed its name to InSPE to convey its status as a Nursery and Primary School.

The first week of school

The first week of school

After a long and well deserved summer holiday, children, parents and teachers met again on a warm and beautiful 1st day of September. It was a special day indeed, since the old friends saw each other and the new children were excited to meet their new friends and teachers. The children were very eager to discover their new classes and the ‘wonders’ that the teachers prepared especially for them.

Sports Day

InSPE`s annual Sports Day took place on Friday the 30th May and it was a wonderful opportunity for the competitors to demonstrate their skills on the different track and field events and also have fun. Many parents took encouraged the pupils enthusiastically and help to create a colourful and positive environment.

InSPE proudly presents: our "golden" teachers


“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” ~ Alexander the Great

Childhood is that time in life when we subconsciously choose our role models. They are at first our parents then come our educators - our teachers. At InSPE, we strongly believe that children need positive role models to inspire them, pass them down precious knowledge and healthy values and not only offer them a pathway in life, but also guide them on the road they come to follow.

World Book Day

World Book Day

On 6th March we celebrated World Book Day and children came to school dressed up as their favourite book character. The school was populated by fierce dragons, pirates, brave knights, beautiful princesses and some other fascinating characters showing us what a wonderful world may come alive when reading!

New building

Monday the pupils in Primary 4 and Primaries 5 to 7 moved into the new building that the school has recently taken on.

New building New building

Primary 5,6,7 Business Day

Business Day

The Primary 5,6,7 Business Day was a resounding success. The children sold almost everything and made enough to pay back their start-up loan and interest. They also made a combined 775 lei profit. The children had a lot of fun and learned a lot with the "Making a Business" Topic. We are very proud of them!

Dinosaurs Exhibition

Dinosaurs Exhibitioni

Primary 2 have been learning about Dinosaurs this half term. They went on a trip to see the 'Dinosaur Giants of Argentina' exhibition in Baneasa Mall. It was a great chance to see some real skeletons, fossils and dinosaur models.

Primary 5,6,7 trip to Carrefour

Trip to Carrefour

At InSPE we strongly believe that learning outside the classroom is about raising achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of great importance. This is not only about what the children learn but how and where they learn.

Winter Fair

Winter Fair

On a cold and crispy winter morning InSPE was delighted to welcome so many parents to our annual Winter Fair. As always, this was expertly organised by our Parents Association, to whom we express our gratitude. It was a lovely informal

occasion that allowed children, parents, families and teachers to mix and begin to enjoy the start of the festive season.

Membership visit to InSPE from COIS

On Wednesday 27th November we had our membership visit from the Council of International Schools (COIS) regional accreditation officer, Mr Alan Scottt. COIS is an independent organization which is committed to ensuring that its members provide high quality education.

We had contacted COIS and invited them to visit the school as we felt the recent growth of the school made it appropriate to invite an external organization to critically report on our current and planned practices.

Family Disco Party

Family Disco Party

Family Disco. It was held at the Press House Ballroom. It was a fabulous event.

Everyone had such a lovely time. It was a great opportunity for families and friends to get together and have fun.

The first day of school set the tone for a brilliant year

The first day of school

Summer has come and passed, as the song says, and with the first day of school looming for both parents and children, on one hand, and teachers on the other, it was that time of the year filled with anxious wait, mixed emotions, but also great excitement at the thought of jumping into a new adventure, and hope for a successful year.

Visit to the Zoo

Visit to the Zoo - InSPE

Outdoor activities are an essential part of the curriculum at InSPE. They enable children to experience a whole different reality to the one in the classroom, boosting their perception and their awareness of the natural environment...


Swimming - InSPE

There are plenty of