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Friends of InSPE Association

Friends of InSPE Association Mission Statement

Friends of InSPE are an active group of parent volunteers whose mission is to work together to support the school community, through organising fun activities for the children and parents of InSPE.

Friends of InSPE Association Aims

Friends of InSPE aims are as follows:

1)      To work with the school community to organise events for the benefit of the pupils at InSPE.
2)      To raise funds to support future events and/or the school.
3)      To create a network for all parents to help increase the overall involvement at InSPE.

Friends of InSPE Organisation

Structural roles and a simple overview of duties within the Friends of InSPE are as follows:

Coordinator – ensures the smooth and efficient running of the Friends of InSPE.
Communicator – ensures that the school and InSPE parents are aware of what the Friends of InSPE is doing.
Treasurer – takes care of all the financial aspects of the Friends of InSPE.
Class Representatives – acts as a liaison person between the Friends of InSPE and the parents of a specific class.

More detailed descriptions of roles and responsibilities are available on request.

Information: Structural roles are voted upon at the first Friends of InSPE meeting of the academic year and subsequent meetings are held approximately once a month. At these times agendas are issued prior to the meeting taking place, accurate minutes taken and then are emailed to all parents.  Up-coming events are advertised both within the school and also externally if they are open to non-InSPE families. Working groups or committees are set up to help plan, run and evaluate events or activities which are organised by the Friends of InSPE.  There are 3 core activities or events which are an integral part of the school and therefore organised every year. The Friends of InSPE decides other events in keeping with the Friends of InSPE aims. Typical activities which have been organised at previously include monthly coffee mornings, a winter fair, egg hunt, weekly aerobic sessions for parents and also a wine taste evening.

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