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The Nursery School

The Nursery school takes children from 1 year up to 4 years old. This is divided into academic year groups called:

  • Pink (children between 1 year and 2 years old)
  • Orange (children between 2 and 3 years old. Children must be 2 by the 1st September)
  • Green (children between 3 and 4 years old. Children must be 3 by the 1st September)

At this age, young children’s learning is neither subject based nor compartmentalised. Each experience, whether at home, out in the community or at school crosses over several subject areas and involves many learning processes.

Nursery School - InSPE

Although the curriculum is based on best UK practice it draws on influences from the great pioneers of early years education and from approaches found around the world which are adapted for an expatriate community.

For example, our work is influenced by pioneers such as Fröbel (German), Isaacs (English), Montessori (Italian), Vygotsky (Russian) and Steiner (Austrian). It also reflects aspects of the ‘High Scope’ research in America, the Reggio Emilia approach in Italy and the Early Years Foundation Stage documents from England and Wales. These principles are both well established and found in Pink and Orange classes. In Green class we follow the British Curriculum for Excellence which helps us to focus on the individual needs of the children.

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An Early Years Curriculum includes all of the experiences with which young children engage and have the potential to offer them opportunities for learning and development.

Each aspect of the child’s development is equally important: social development, emotional development, physical development as well as academic development. To help aid this development, specialist teachers in P.E., dance and music work at the school, although the developmental stage of the children means that specialist teachers may not work with the dance teacher.

Early Years education therefore is about the all round development of the individual child and the teaching medium is in English.

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