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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use the British Curriculum?

The British Curriculum was chosen because it fits in perfectly with the school’s philosophy and ethos. The learning expectations and outcomes provide both a very solid foundation of core subjects yet also allows for the flexibility to work with each pupil at their individual level. This flexibility extends to the open range of topics which are possible and further enriches the teaching and learning opportunities as it allows for a creative, engaging and relevant educational programme. The four capacities which underpin the curriculum help to summarise what we feel is important for all children. It encourages children to be creative, active, independent and confident learners. The Scottish Curriculum is about skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

What homework will my child get?

The amount of homework varies depending on the pupils’ age and ability. Homework tasks may include: reading, maths, spelling, problem solving activities and topic related activities and are individualised based on the needs of each pupil.

How often will my child read?

They will read every day although in a number of different ways i.e. individual, paired or group reading sessions or activities, reading instructions or directions, when using the school’s library, when on the computer etc. Ability linked reading books will be sent home regularly based on your child’s needs and progress. There are a number of important skills linked to reading – prediction, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary development and fluency are just a few which will be focussed on during individual reading times.

How can I contact the teachers?

Class teachers can be contacted first thing in the morning or after school. You will be given the class e-mail addresses at the start of the school year or when your child starts school. Alternatively you may contact the teachers through the school office. This email address is officereception@inspe.ro.

How often will we have meetings with the teachers?

Parent/teacher meetings are scheduled three times a year. Such meetings give you the opportunity to discuss pupils’ progress. At either the parents’ or class teachers’ request additional meetings may be scheduled if necessary.

How often will I receive written reports?

Parents receive reports twice a year - at the end of the first and third terms.

What happens if my child has an accident?

If any pupils are involved in an accident at school parents are immediately informed of this. The school has a number of experienced first aiders who will be called to attend the accident. If the accident is more serious then an ambulance will be called and the pupil taken to the school’s partner hospital. If the parents have not arrived at school by the time the ambulance comes a member of staff will travel with the pupil and meet the parents at the hospital.

What if my child doesn’t speak English?

It is not uncommon for a pupil to begin at the school with little or no English. Class teachers will provide appropriately levelled and individual support to pupils who require this. In addition to this extra English support lessons will be arranged to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to reach an appropriate level as soon as possible.

What are the hours of the primary school?

All pupil in the primary school must attend full-time which is from 08.30 until 15.15. After school clubs run from 15.15 until 16.15 daily.

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