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Camelia Potec, the last romanian olympic swimming champion, teached at InSPE in the last 2 years. President of the Romanian Swimming Federation, Camelia Potec will take a break of her collaboration with InSPE in the next year because of her very busy schedule, but we thanks her for all of the great work in our school. Swimming lessons will continue in the academic year 2015-2016.

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” ~ Alexander the Great

Childhood is that time in life when we subconsciously choose our role models. They are at first our parents then come our educators - our teachers. At InSPE, we strongly believe that children need positive role models to inspire them, pass them down precious knowledge and healthy values and not only offer them a pathway in life, but also guide them on the road they come to follow.

A lot of the time these role models are the sportsmen and sportswomen whom children end up admiring. Whether we are talking about football, tennis, gymnastics or swimming, the playful element of every sport, but also the physicality and fun involved, makes it an attraction for children keen to emulate their idols, people they see on TV or in the arena.

InSPE pondered both aspects of the problem, and came up with the solution! What if we invited true champions to come to our school and teach children their favourite sports? What if these champions, who represented the country in acclaimed competitions and won world and Olympic titles taught the pupils and passed them down knowledge that will stay with them for a lifetime, influencing their behaviour and gifting them everlasting memories?

Therefore we invited two of the most famous and iconic sportswomen in Romania: Camelia Potec (Olympic swimming champion in 2004, in Athens) and Monica Rosu (double Olympic gymnastics champion, also in Athens) to join the teaching team at InSPE.


Greeted with enthusiasm by children, both Camelia and Monica happily accepted the challenge of becoming InSPE teachers, fulfilling their duties the way a champion does: with a smile on their face. In swimming class, Camelia was pleasantly surprised by the abilities of our pupils, but also by the facilities provided by the school, saying that all the conditions are in place for a new Potec or a new Michael Phelps to burst onto the scene, right from our swimming pool! For children, it was a unique experience to learn from a top sportswoman, as they carefully listened to her instructions and then tried to impress her by the work rate they put in. It's safe to say that, with Camelia, they were in their element!

Things fared equally well in our gymnastics classes, held by former double Olympic champion Monica Rosu, who came along with a string of her medals to give children a chance to know the sport, but also understand the training required to follow in her footsteps. After teaching classes, in a light-hearted but lively atmosphere, Monica was delighted to share with the children the finest moments of her career, and sign plenty of autographs. Monica too was quick to remark the care and attention InSPE has for its pupils, while saluting the initiative to bring world-acclaimed champions amidst children, as it "passes the torch" from one generation to the other and sends a positive message to the community as a whole.


Who is Camelia Potec? (photo with her from Olympics)

  • Born 19 February 1982, in Braila
  • Is considered one of the most iconic Romanian swimmers
  • Won the gold medal in the women's 200 m freestyle at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens
  • 4 times european champion and a total of 20 medals at top international competitions
  • In 2013 she became the youngest president of federation in Romania, taking the reins of the Romanian Swimming & Modern Pentathlon Federation


Who is Monica Rosu? (photo with her from Olympics)

  • Born 11 May 1987, in Bacau
  • One of the best gymnasts in the history of Romania
  • Silver medalist at World Championships in Anaheim in 2003 (team contest)
  • Won two Olympic gold medals in Athens in 2004 (vault and team contest)
  • Double european champion in Amsterdam in 2004 (vault and team contest)


To see more photos of our Olympic champions working with the pupils, Monica Rosu and Camelia Potec, please click on their highlighted names.

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