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Taking Learning Outdoors

Outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime. Integrating learning and outdoor experiences, whether through play in the immediate grounds or adventures further afield, provides relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors.

Learning outdoors can be enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous and helps children and young people learn by experience and grow as confident and responsible citizens who value and appreciate the importance of our environment.

The journey through education for any child must include opportunities for a series of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences.

Outdoor learning contributes towards creating a more successful society:

 Making connections – Outdoor learning encourages learners to understand the interplay and relationship between curriculum areas. This awareness promotes lifelong learning and develops critical thinking skills.

 Healthier – Learning outdoors can lead to lifelong recreation. Activities such as walking and team games, which are ideal for physical and emotional wellbeing, contribute to a healthier community.

 Safer and stronger – Outdoor learning activities span social divisions and can help build stronger communities.

 Greener – Frequent and regular outdoor learning encourages children and young people to engage with the natural and built heritage. Outdoor learning provides an ideal setting for children and young people to understand the global significance of sustainability issues and inform personal decisions that contribute towards a greener world.

 Wealthier and fairer – The outdoors provides excellent opportunities to use a wide range of skills and abilities not always visible in the classroom. Becoming aware of such skills can fundamentally change personal, peer and staff perceptions and lead to profound changes in life expectations and success.

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