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Welcome to InSPE Parent & Toddler Group

It can be a huge adjustment leaving work and staying at home with your child. You may also be adjusting to your new location and new home and many parents can feel scared, isolated, unsupported or just in need of a good chat! InSPE Parent and Toddler group supports parents and nursery children providing a wonderful opportunity to socialise with other parents and spend quality time playing and learning with your child. Whether it’s seeing a welcoming face after a bad night, chatting to a nursery teacher and asking for tips or just having a moan! InSPE Parent and Toddler group is the place to be.
Aside from the social benefits, our group also offers a change of scenery for your child, the chance to play with new toys, enjoy new sights and sounds and make new friends. You can indulge in those messy activities you never quite get around to doing at home, enjoy jigsaws, musical instruments or just enjoy a welcome change from the toys at home. We offer this Parent and Toddler group free of charge!

What do we offer?

  • Opportunities for children to run around, use motor skills and try out a variety of ride on toys
  • Art and Craft activities - painting, collage, chalk, colouring, and sticking 
  • Opportunity for messy play - playdough, sand, exploring soil, seeds or water
  • Role play, dressing up or playing in the home corner
  • Stories and singing as a group, or even short music sessions
  • Table top activities - puzzles, simple games, books to share
  • A carpet area for the babies with activity frames, cushions and baby toys


  • Children get to interact with other children, while their parents/carers are close by: helping to build the child’s confidence and social skills
  • Is a great stepping stone in preparing children for the nursery
  • Provides children with opportunities which may not be available at home such as messy play, creative play, songs and stories. It’s fun to try them!
  • Meet other parents in the locality, share experiences, glean support and develop friendships with people from similar circumstances
  • For new parents, our group may be the only social contact for a while. It is a great social network and can be especially helpful to parents who do not have family support close by

We hope you can come and join us for our play date every Tuesday between 9.00-11.00!

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